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Miami State High School Alumni Database

Welcome to the Miami State High School Alumni Records! This facility gives past students of Miami High the opportunity to stay in contact or regain contact with school friends.

Miami State High School was officially opened in April, 1963, and was the first such school built on the Gold Coast between Southport and the NSW border. Since then thousands of men and women who passed through the school have led lives both varied and remarkable. Miami High celebrates the community of Alumni, their achievements and stories, through this system.

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Registration for the Miami State High School Alumni Database is free, simple and open to all former students!

Registration involves supplying some basic identifying information, a description and some privacy settings. Depending on what you want to say, you can be done in two minutes! Your registration will go into a queue for authorisation - all content on the site is checked first to ensure appropriateness for young visitors.

You can edit your information at any time by logging in with your email address and chosen password. Remember, changes to your profile also once more go through the registration queue, so your profile will be temporarily hidden.

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How To Use This Site

The Alumni Archive is shown under the 'Explore Alumni' button in the header of every page. This shows every year in the history of Miami State High School. Under the years table, there is also a search tool, which operates inclusive of first, last or maiden names.

On each year page, each grade within that year is displayed (lowest first). Registrants appear by name under the years they attended the school. On the final year of attendance, the detailed view of the person is shown. Each registrant's name is linked to their final year of attendance.

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The Miami State High School Alumni Database is powered by the platform. This platform is designed to lower the costs for schools to obtain a tool to reach out to their Alumni community, while providing strict content controls not available on Facebook and similar systems. Simple and effective colour themes enable a Mylumni site to be linked directly from the school website.

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